Board of Directors

About Us

Ms. Marcela Flores Zapata
Director National American Outreach Foundation

Marcela is a dedicated educator with over 30 years of experience teaching social sciences, history, geography to high school children. She graduated in Education, studying 5 years on a Private University in Lima Peru. Marcella also is a world traveler, She had visit various countries in Europe, South and North America. When Marcella was a nine year old little girl, she remember starting her early teaching career alphabetizing minorities communities in need. As a young student in elementary, middle and high school Marcella every year won all the awards and prices as the number one in studies as the most studious for her excellency.

Marcella worked over 12 years with children with and without disabilities, for many years Marcella was the right hand of the owner of a Private school ( elementary through High) Marcella’s passion is to work to give access to Education for every people through National American Outreach Foundation. Marcella enjoy reading classic literature and watch classic