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CEO'S Quarterly Letter

After years of facing companies outsourcing jobs and relocating overseas, work replaced by technology, and graduates facing few

Or no opportunities in the job market, I started thinking of creative ways to overcome these realities and open new doors. That’s when I realized that “being your own boss” was not a bad idea. Opening a small business allows you to tailor your own future, make independent decisions, and the freedom to manage work/life balance. However, there is an important group of people who lack the information and resources to start their own business.

For this reason, we decided to create the National American Outreach Foundation (NAOF), an educational 501 c (3) non-profit organization that will open new doors of opportunities for people of all communities with an emphasis on minority communities.

The Foundation is headquartered in Orange County, Florida and will cover the State of Florida. Our goal will be to expand nationwide with a view to operating globally. The National American Outreach Foundation will work together as a team for the common interest of helping all communities with volunteers, government agencies, private organizations, foundations, and corporations.

We welcome you and your community to attend our seminars and Workshops and connect with us through our website portal or social media. We look forward to helping you and your community soon.

National American Outreach Foundation is an educational 501 c (3) non profit organization - NGO - Umbrella for:

  • Latin American, Asian American. African American, Native American, Women. Veteran, and
  • Disability,Iberoamerican, BRICS Outreach Foundation
  • Natech
  • Tecsra
  • Abrahamic, Sephardi and Ultraorthodox Jewish International Foundation
  • Aliyah: Global Mission
  • Kabbalah Mistyc Center
  • Pacific Alliance Foundation


Adriana M. Montoya
Chief Executive Officer / CEO
National American Outreach Foundation